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CTM Classes:  Length and Program Summary

The symbol of CTM is the tree as represented by its four major components:  roots, trunk, branches and leaves.  I like the idea of starting from the ground and working upward.  Not only does the ground provide strength; but also nutrition, water and stability. Having a firm foundation is very important on the future health of the tree.  Just as this is true, so is it with understanding CTM.  

Basic, yet critical, points are covered that are the foundation to successfully move on in a timed, sequential fashion. Ideally, the program is 3 months long with one class each week.  I realize that this is not a practical with all the scheduling challenges we face.  So, what we've done is to have multiple time slots for each class allowing for schedule differences.  

I know that it seems to be a long cycle of 12 weeks, and I agree!  My reasoning is this; one has to take smaller chunks of information and then apply (practice or rehearse) them for a while in order to correctly do the movement or understand the concept.  My 15 years of teaching various biology lecture and lab classes in the college setting has provided a excellent environment to observe how much and what types of information students are able to SUCCESSFULLY process and retain.  I am applying this same experience to my CTM classes.

Please feel free to do these classes at your leisure.  Only do one level, then stop and do the next level when you're ready. Some are doing just one class a month.  It's all up to you.  Motivation will not be a issue because you will see positive, encouraging changes as you proceed.  Objective measurements will be observed at the end of each level so you can see the improvement, besides feeling better!  It's a win-win situation.  You just need to take your first step to where the healing begins. 

The Program

General Information

Each class is 30 minutes.  Take each class at your own speed.  You will need at least 1 week between classes to be able to practice the material.  The sequence levels to take is: Root-Trunk-Limb-Branch.  Leaf is a workout style class and is based upon taking Root through Branch.  Root has 1 class and Trunk, Limb, Branch having 4 classes each.  



Discuss philosophy, purpose, goals and direction of CTM Method.  Will meet only once for 30 min.  It is a critical starting point and must be taken first before continuing to the next level.


Establish the correct form of squats and various breathing techniques.  Learn how to independent engage the 4 abdominal muscles, proper squat, 4 key CTM stretches.  These classes are 30 min


Develop the concept and technique of extremity circumduction and the application as it pertains to planks and dips.


Learn the two key total body movement patterns.  Each session is 30 minutes.  


Will be doing "FREE" (Freedom, Rejuvenate, Engage, Enjoy) training that requires using all parts of the tree! This is more of a "workout" and will try to be outside as much as possible.  These classes are 45 min/class and will meet 1x-2x/week for 4-8 weeks dependent upon the group decision.