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CTM Online Classes

RootThis is the 1st class to take.  I will go over the theory and concepts that are crucial to understanding CTM. It also has "free sample lessons" to get an idea of how the class is structured and will flow.  Take 50% off the this listed price by entering the promo code DALTON1

Trunk:  This is the 2nd course to take after Root. The link to it is at the end of the Root course.  The various lessons in this class involve controlling different joint ranges of motion and is at the core of the CTM program. It's a must do course. Take 50% off this listed price with the promo code DALTON2

Limb:  Still in production. Not finished completing this course. But, when ready it will introduce 3 dimensional joint motion with stabilization moves.

Branch:  Still in production. Not finished completing this course. However, it will include active and challenging CTM movements.