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     Just a reminder, CTM stretch should 
not be painful. If it does, youre going to hard and are likely to create an injury! You simply want to feel the fading or "melting" away of the painless stretch.
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     The hamstrings are actually made up of 3 muscles with one on the outside part of the back of the thigh and the other two on the inside part of the back of the thigh.  You can focus more on the outside muscle by turning your torso to the right as in figure B.  By rotating to the other side (not demonstrated) you will focus more on the inside 2 hamstrings.  In both of these cases,  it is crucial to have the foot directly upward and not twisted to the left or right.  It will take practice to get good at this torso-twisting modification of the stretch.

     Another way of increasing the stretch is to get the foot on a much higher level. There are no photos to demonstrate this, but there is a nice youtube video (or see below) I made showing how to do it.  As you can see in the video, the steeper angle will make you bend forward a bit. This is OK! It will be more effective for stretching the quadricep without over contracting the abdominal muscles. I actually prefer the higher angle.

Figure B

Figure A

     The starting position should be as demonstrated in figure A.  Note that the upper body is not bending forward and that the foot is straight up and not rotated to the left or right. You can flex the ankle toward you or away from you, depending on the comfort level, but should not be twisted left or right. 

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