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     These three stretches are a great way to unlock the chest, shoulders and arms. Figures A and B are both accomplishing the same stretch with figure A done in the corner and figure B in a doorway. In both cases, place either the right or left leg is forward. The body weight is placed on the lower extremities with the fingers pointing upward. It is important to stress that it’s not a push up. It will feel like one, but there should no contraction of the upper body musculature. The hands on the wall are held in place by frictional forces; not by any muscle contraction. Once in position, bend the knees so that the entire torso moves forward in the upright, neutral position and not bending forward.
     In figure C, position yourself as if you were throwing a baseball. The fingers will be pointing slightly up and back with the opposite leg forward. The legs will give you the stability and allow you to concentrate on relaxing into the stretch. Again, the hand is help up due to friction. The difference in figure C is that you can add rotation (to the opposite side) and accentuate the stretch to the upper extremity.
     These are hard positions to maintain while fully relaxing the shoulder and arm. It will take practice. Just remember to relax all the upper body musculature with the hands being supported by frictional forces.

Figure B

Figure C


     As a reminder, CTM stretch should not be painful. If it does, you're going to hard and very likely will cause an injury! You simply want to feel the fading or "melting" away of the painless stretch.

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Figure A