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Grocery Shopping

For many of us, going to the grocery store tends not to be on our top 10 list. In fact, it's usually quite at chore! There never seems to be enough time or the right time. We're too busy taking care of the kids, working, traveling and just plain tired.  For others, it's a physical difficulty due to illness, injury or lack of transportation.  

I've been hearing more buzz about these issues from a variety of people.  In response to this need, Loving Hearts we will be providing this service to all who are interested, not just to those who might be ill or have difficult means of getting out.  This also includes families, friends and neighbors. 

Just provide us with a list of the items you want and what store to shop for them.  We will keep the list on file for future use.   In addition, we will purchase the items on our credit card and square up when the food is delivered to your location.  We will except check, debit or credit card.  We can even keep your card number on file our secure site (same way I keep my patients card numbers).

You can always call the office and give us your information.