Unique Opportunity

I was playing a wedding in 2002 and met two people. The woman in the middle is a retired kindergarten teacher that taught all 3 of my kids. Her mother is on her right and was my kindergarten teacher in the late 1960's!

Newberry Wedding at the ARTISANworks

St. Patrick Day 2013

Very nice wedding at the ARTISANworks.  Fascinating place with copious amounts of art displays.  Really eat location to visit and have a wedding.

Happy St. Patrick's Day 
March 2014
    On Friday March 15, 2013 the Red Jacket Education Center hosted Dr. Rob Dalton for an early morning St. Patrick's Day Celebration.  Dr. Dalton, from Irondequoit, owns Dalton Chiropractic.  He is a bagpiper who has been playing bagpipes for twenty years.    Dr. Dalton, dressed in full highland gear, greeted students as they got off their buses at the circle.  After bus arrival he performed short concert in the school gym and all classes were invited.    Dr. Dalton played music with the traditional scottish pipes, the Scottish small pipes, the Irish tin whistle and the Irish Uilleann pipes.  He played traditional Scottish tunes to the delight of students and staff alike.

​Here's a very small sampling of the many different events I've played the pipes over the past two decades. This is outfit I wear when playing. The tartan is the Fraser with a Prince Charlie jacket.​

62nd Annual Memorial Service

Taken with current Irondequoit Police Officers on 5/18/14 at Laurelton United Presbyterian Church for the 62nd Annual Memorial Service for emergency responders.

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