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What Is CTM?

     Do you want more flexibility?  Do you want to have less pain?  Do you want to play a sport with more ease? Do you want to walk or run with less pain?  Do you want to turn your head further while driving? Do you want to get in and out of the chair or car with less pain?  Do you want more energy and live a more productive life? Sounds too good to be true?  It's not.

     Connective Tissue Molding or CTM is a program that I have developed which I know will make a difference in the lives of those that participate.  I am very excited to offer this unique and one-of-a-kind method where you will feel better overall, have more flexibility and begin to be pain free! You don't have to bring anything except an opened mind that's ready to learn.  

    This program is for all ages and physical levels.  Athletic ability, flexibility are not required.  In fact, even cane and wheel chair users or those bed bound will get results!

     This method is a culmination of my 20 years of practicing combined with my years of teaching anatomy and physiology.  The philosophy behind CTM is as follows:

Understand the 3 dimensional aspect of body movement 

as being the key component to center the basis of exercise.  

Fluidity and control are necessary elements to maximize 

muscle strength, flexibility, balance and good tissue health.

     It’s a critical part of CTM to have a solid foundation of the difference between muscle and connective tissue with the understanding of their neurobiomechanics. I know these are some big words, but these will be broken down into ideas and concepts that you will be able to understand and tell to others.  If you not able to do this, I’ve failed as a teacher!  By the way, “doctor” is a Latin form that means, “teacher” and not “healer.”

     It is extremely important to me that my patients/students understand what they are attempting to do and be able to apply the concepts of CTM to all aspects of exercise, work and life activities.  I take very seriously the meaning of being given a fish versus being taught to fish.  It’s good to tell you to do a particular stretch or movement because it is the appropriate thing to do, even though you might not able to explain why you’re doing it. However, it is far superior to provide the who, what, why, where, when and how of any movement pattern and the effect it will have on the body.  This is the prime objective for Connective Tissue Molding.

     The principles of CTM can be applied to all varieties of exercises, stretches, daily activities an age levels.  It is not designed to substitute any form of exercise whether it is stretching to running or Yoga to weight training.  Instead, the purpose of CTM is to be a part or adjunct of a routine that will allow for better performance of that event or any other activity you want to do.

     You are not just learning “another stretch.”  Instead, it is a paradigm (concept) switch.  You are greatly expanding your way of thinking and approach.   Not anymore are you just limiting yourself to
the muscle.  Now it becomes an entire body experience backed by an understanding of what you are doing, the purpose behind it and the expectations you should achieve! 

     I am strongly encouraging my existing patients to take CTM.  This will help facilitate the other therapies we do in the office.  This will start to become an integral part of my practice.  This has energized me.  I am really excited to offer a new, unique and one-of-a-kind service for my current and future patients as well as extending this throughout the community.  

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